Assessments and Laboratory Testing

The College of Naturopaths of Ontario does not permit any testing to be ordered to individuals that are not Naturopathic patients. If you are interested in any testing, you must first become a patient of Dr. Alene Falomo ND and have an initial assessment, before any testing can be performed. Fees for testing are in addition to the cost of the initial visit and are priced according to the tests ordered.


Conventional Blood Tests

Patients at our clinic have access to conventional blood testing (eg. cholesterol, blood sugar levels, CBC, etc.). Naturopathic Doctors can perform these tests but are unable, at the current time, to have the costs covered by OHIP. Therefore, patients ordering lab testing through our clinic must pay for each test out of pocket. If they wish they can request these tests from their family doctor.

IgE / IgG Testing

At our clinic we offer IgG sensitivity testing. The IgG testing differs from conventional "skin prick" testing as it will detect reactions to allergens which may occur up to two days after being exposed to that allergen. Many allergies (food and inhalants) are 'delayed' in that symptoms appear hours to days after coming into contact with the allergen. In these cases, you may eat a certain food and the next day (or the day after that) you have loose stools, sinus congestion and other symptoms; which make it very difficult for the patient to figure out the 'culprit'.

Saliva Hormone Tests

This non-invasive diagnostic tool consists of analyzing various female and male hormones, including adrenal function, to determine deficiencies or excesses. Common hormone imbalances include weight gain, depression/irritability, bone loss, sleep disturbances, fatigue and memory loss. This test measures the bioavailability of hormones in your body and the hormone quantities reaching your tissues. As a result, you are provided with an indication of how much of your hormones your body can use, not just what it has produced.

DUTCH® Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones

This test measures levels of hormones and their metabolites from urine that is collected at four specific times in the day. This testing helps to identify hormone imbalances that may contribute to certain health conditions. Androgens, estrogens, cortisol, progesterone and melatonin can be measured using this type of testing.

Thyroid Blood Tests

Some symptoms of improper thyroid function include weight gain, difficulty losing weight, fatigue, thinning hair and eyebrows, constipation and easily feeling cold or chilled. Comprehensive thyroid blood testing including TSH, free T3, free T4, reverse T3 and thyroid antibodies is available for patients with thyroid imbalances.

Hair Analysis

Hair analysis may be used to determine whether a person has had excessive exposure to toxic elements such as lead, mercury, arsenic or other heavy metals. Heavy metals are known to cause serious health problems. These toxic elements concentrate in soft tissue rather than in blood or urine. Hair analysis metal concentrations in tissues.


A urinalysis detects kidney function and provides your Naturopathic Doctor with information such as blood, protein or glucose levels in the urine. This will enable your doctor to assess and diagnose diabetes, kidney disease or whether a urinary tract infection is evident. We offer a urinalysis test as part of the initial visit.